Juma Mosque of Baku

794px-Juma_mosque-Old_City_Baku_Azerbaijan_19th_centuryJuma Mosque (AzerbaijaniCümə məscidi) – is a mosque in BakuAzerbaijan. Continue reading

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Juma Mosque in Shaki

Cümə_məscidi_(Şəki)Juma Mosque – is located in Shaki Rayon of Azerbaijan and this mosque is considered one of the most ancient mosques in the territory of Azerbaijan. Continue reading

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Juma Mosque in Ordubad

Cümə_məscidi_(Ordubad)Juma Mosque of Ordubad – is located in OrdubadAzerbaijan and is one of the cultic constructions of Ordubad city. The building is located on the highest place of the city. Continue reading

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Juma Mosque of Nakhchivan

Cümə_məscidi_(Naxçıvan)Juma Mosque of Nakhchivan or Friday Mosque of Nakhchivan (AzerbaijaniNaxçıvan Cümə Məscdi) – is one of monumental constructions of theAtabegs’ Architectural Complex in NakhchivanAzerbaijan. The architectural monument demolished in the 20th century is documented in images and photos from the 19th century. Continue reading

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Juma Mosque of Ganja (Shah Abbas)

Juma(shah-abbas)mosque_XVIIJuma Mosque of Ganja or Friday Mosque of Ganja – is a mosque located in the centre of Ganja. The mosque was built in 1606, according to a project of Sheykh Baheddin Mohammad Amil. The mosque is also often called “Shah Abbas Mosque”, because it was built on the instructions of Shah Abbas the Great during his reign. Continue reading

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