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In the literature of the near East humanism, the approval of human dignity and signing of the happiness of mankind have an ancient history. Thus in the XII century such great masters of word as: Nizami, Khagani thought of the lot of mankind and describing Man as a mighty and glorious existence, called Man the noblest of all creatures. In their poems they sang of the ability of Man capable of making miracles and of revealing the mysteries of the Universe, as well as, of the might of science and skill.

The poet-thinkers of the East-Jalaladdin Rumi and Mahmud Shabustary, while propagating Vahdati-Vijud, i.e. pantheism, called upon Man to cognize his being. These poets considered Man and Life as fractions of the Creator whom they called vijudi-kull (absolute essence). They adviced Man to perfect himself morally so that he might revert to that “kull”. Islamic, as well as other religions regarded Man to be the slave of God and connected all his skills and abilities with Allah, instigated him to be satisfied with his fate. This religion tempted Man to give up all pleasures of this world and win the next one.

Considering Man to be the primordial and eternal creature, Nasimi appealed to him to free himself from slavery and cognize his dignity. Nasimi is a master of word who raised the Azerbaijanian poetic and literary language to a high level and expressed in his works the most progressive ideas of the age. He continued and developed the humanist ideas introduced by great Nizami into the Eastern literature. He fought tirelessly for his ideas and met his death bravely. Unlimited is also his merit in developing of the Azerbaijanian literary language.

Nasimi raised his voice against feudal yoke and oppression, he attempted to awaken progressive ideas. By his works Nasimi exposed votaries of Islam. He called upon the people to estimate the existing religion properly so that they might discover the mysteries of the Universe and Life.

By their progressive features Nasimi’s works played an important role in the formation of the national poetry in the Azerbaijanian language. Being a poet, who had gone through poetic activity marked for many complexities and contradictions, he laid the foundation of the philosophic poetry coming into existence in the Azerbaijanian literature. Continue reading

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