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Crown of Shusha

Throughout the whole history in the world of art and literature of Azerbaijan  gave birth lots of talented women like stars. One of them is Khurshudbanu Natavan.

Khurshudbanu was born on August 1832 in  musical and poetic Shusha in the family of last Karabah ruler Mehtikulikhan Javanshir. On father’s side she was granddaughter of Ibrahim Khalilkhan, but on mother’s side belonged to descendants of Ganja ruler Javad khan.

Poetess was named of her grandmother-mom Mehtikuli khan. Khurshudbanu was only child in the family and the last heiress of Karabah khanate. Therefore she was called the sole pearl “Durri yekta” (single pearl)  in palace and in public “The daughter of khan-princess”.

Natavan brought up in the palace, she got education at notable scientists and masters of epoch. She gained exclusive memory that practised with different ways, read rare books of oriental poets, valuable manuscripts, cultivated a taste to classic literature.

Stories and tales of aunt Agabike, old maids, songs and epics of public singers cultivated love and deepest respect to folk in little khanate daughter.

Creative work of Zakir, Mirza Jamal, Mirza Adigozal, Ahmedbey Javanshir, their talks and debates, intelligent advises shaped a taste to art and poetry in Natavan’s outlook. Continue reading

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