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Rafig Aliyev

Rafig Aziz oglu Aliyev  is an Azerbaijani academic in the fields of petroleum chemistry and control engineering. He is a professor and corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, head of a cathedra of “Automatization of Manufacturing Processes” of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, director of MBA program, director of BBA program of Georgia State University (Atlanta,the USA), president of “Zadeh’s heritage and artificial intelligence” association was born on February 10, 1942, in Novruzlu village of Aghdam region of Azerbaijan. In 19481958, studied at Aghdam secondary school and graduated from there by medal. In 1958-1963, studied at Azerbaijani Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after M.Azizbekov and graduated from there with honours.

In 19641967, studied post-graduate course at the Institution of Manufacturing Problems of Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow. Continue reading

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Lotfi Zadeh-Simple Man With Rich Ideas

Lotfi Zadeh was born in Baku in 1921. His father was assigned as a journalist from Iran (Southern Azerbaijan). His mother was Russian, she was a physician. The first three grades of elementary school he went in Baku (from age 7 to 10). He was only child in the family.  In   childhood   when he was 10 he had gone through most of the classics-Tolstoy, Dostoyevski, Chekhov, Turgenev as well as world classics like Shakespeare. His family left for Tehran in 1931. He continued his education in english and graduated from the University of Tehran in 1942. He took Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York   1949. There he went on to teach Systems Theory.
In 1959, he began a professorship at the University of California at Berkeley ( UCB).  Lotfi Zadeh became famous for inventing the concept of “Fuzzy Logic”. He presented it in 1965. Nowadays Lotfi zadeh is famous all over the world. “Fuzzy Logic” is being used in the fields of biomedicine, finances, geography, philosophy, ecology, agricultural processes, water treatment, satellite remote sensing, handwriting analysis, nuclear science, weather forecasting and stock market analysis. In January 1999 Lotfi Zadeh published the theory of “Fuzzy Logic” on the computational theory of perceptions. As Lotfi Zadeh says in his interview to “Azerbaijan International” magazine in 1999: “This theory will have a significant impact, not just in engineering, but in basic sciences and many, many   other fields. This concept opens the door to a major enlargement of the role of natural languages in scientific theory. People use formulas, mathematics and numbers when doing scientific work, but this particular development will make it possible to use natural language in scientific discourse. And it marks a significant paradigm shift”. Continue reading

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