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My favourite singer is Michael Jackson. I love all his songs, because his songs are very dynamic and stir up good emotions. Michael Jackson sped off to the peak of fame with breakneck speed: he began to work very early, easily became one of the better and then the best of the best. He was really the king of pop music…He had got everything…He had to be envied…

Michel Jackson was born in 1958 on August 29. There were ten children in his family. Michael was the 7th of them. His full name was Michael Joseph Jackson. His father Joseph Walter Jackson teamed up his sons and made a group: The Jackson 5 in 1966. So Michael Jackson began his career from childhood at the age of 8. So Michael dreamt a careless childhood all his life. That’s why he bought Neverland Valley Ranch in California and his favourite character was Peter Pan.

“Thriller” was the 6th album which brought world fame to Michael Jackson. This album came out in 1983 on November 30. The preceding album was “Off the Wall”. The budget of “Thriller” was 750.000$. There were 9 songs in his album and 4 of them were composed by Michael. In December of 2009 clip “Thriller” entered to the Filmregister of the Library of the Congress of the USA. In 2006 the Guinness Book of Records awarded “Thriller” as the best successful musical video. Continue reading

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